Springer Realty 

Student, Residential, and Commercial Rentals in West Chester, PA


Frequently asked questions:


Q: How do we secure an apartment? A: To secure an apartment, the rental application, signed lease, and security deposit are needed.

Q: What is due before we can move into an apartment? A: Security deposit and first months rent are due before move in. 

Q: What is the security deposit? A: 1.5x the monthly rent.

Q: Are pets allowed? A: Pets are only allowed in residential units with an extra monthly fee. 

Q: Can I sublet my apartment? A: No subletting is allowed unless approved by Springer Realty 

Q: Do you accept separate checks for rent? A: Security deposits may be sent separately among tenants but rent must be only ONE check per apartment. 

Q: When do we let Springer Realty know we want to renew our lease? A: You must let us know by October. 

Q: Will we be given notice if our apartment is to be shown in the event that we choose to not renew our lease? A: Yes we will give you 24 hours notice.  

Dakota Springer - Springerlandlord@comcast.net

PO Box 2061 West Chester, PA 19380


Click here to download a copy of the contact forms required to apply for an apartment!